Sunday, August 14, 2016

2016 Gen Con Highlights!

Tuesday and Wednesday Setup

 Setting up the booth with my nephew Andy. 

Important pre-con Legendary Games meeting.


Irish Wake for Steve Russell

Dave Paul from Rite Publishing

Tom Knauss, Writer

Erik Frankhouse,

Tim Hitchcock, Writer

Jeremy Smith, Dreamscarred Press

Brian Suskind and Reg McReynolds, writers

Erik Frankhouse talking with Owen KC Stephens, Rogue Genius Games

Adam Daigle and Liz Courts, Paizo Publishing

Mike Welham, Writer

Wednesday Late Night

Having dinner with Erik Mona and Brandon Hodge at St Elmos
Late night drinking with Greg Vaughan, Matt Forebeck, Christen Sowards 
after the Diana Jones Awards

Thursday Booth and Hall

 Jason Nelson rocking the booth!
 Reg McReynolds running the Delve
 David Ross
 Andy McReynolds
 Steven S. Long, Writer and Game Designer

 Eric Cagle from D20PRO
 Jonathan Nelson from AAW Games
 Jacob Blackmon, Artist
 Chris A Jackson, Author 
Megan Culver, Gen Con Exhibitor Organizer

Annual Werewolf Game, Thursday Night

Erik Frankhouse and Erik Bauer, Gaming Paper

Brandon Hodge, Adam Daigle, Alistair Rigg, Greg Vaughan, Thilo

Dave Hall and Greg with Jen Rco in the back

Todd Gdula with Tom on the right

BJ Hensley, Playground Adventures and Lou Agresta, Author

Alistair Rigg, Author

Adam Daigle, Paizo Publishing

 Late night Karokee with Savannah Broadway and Cosmo Eisele from Paizo Publishing

Hanging with John Reyst from and Michael Azzolino


ENNIES, Friday Night

Jason Bulmahn from Paizo and Greg

Erik Mona, Paizo Publisher

Adam and Brandon!

Chris Pramas accepting his award fro Green Ronin :)

Cat Tobin accepting her award for Pelgrane Press!

Erik Mona with all his bling

Cat Tobin

Crystal Fraiser

Wolfgang Baur and his Kobold Press Crew

Saturday Night, Industry Party

Brain Berg from TPK Games. See I'm taller than him now!

Rick Cox, TPK Games

Sarika Anderson, 3DVTT and Lyz Liddell, Author

Grant Wilson from Ghost Hunters

Erik Bauer

Andrew Staton, Actor

Jason Bulmahn and Peter Adkison, Gen Con

Frank Mentzer, Jason Bulmahn, and Stefen Pokorny

Stefen Pokorny, Dwarven Forge

Ben Loomes, Syrinscape

Fantasy Grounds Guys: Karl, John, and Doug!
Martin Blake and Jonathon Nelson as well

Christen, Andy, and Alex Abel

Jonathon and Reg

Liz Theis playing TPK's Geeks Against Harsh Reality

Bevan and Sarika Anderson with Dashiell!

Jason Dandy

Ben McFarland and his metals

We are playing our annual game of Baron Munchhausen

Middle of the Night Game until 6am!

Jen and David Hall with Noel

Thilo, Steve Helt, Alistair

Greg ran this game until 6am!!!

Sunday Afternoon Tear Down :(

Best booth buds ever, Bevan and Sarika Anderson