Thursday, November 12, 2015

Seattle Day and New Games

We headed over to Ballard to pick up our Pirate Loot card game (by Jason Bulmahn). We played at Cafe Mox while snacking on their southwest nachos. Their hummus and veggies are delish as well!

The girls picked up the game quickly. Evie had us all on the run with her Brutal Faction. Trish and I both had to gang up on her just in order to slow her down. She still won.

Next we grabbed some coffee and played a game of SET. This is a really cool game where you have to find set of cards that compare 4 characteristics. Each characteristic needs to either all match or all be different (among 3 options). Its a fun game that keeps the mind active.

Before jumping back on the ferry to head home we swung by the Troll. He is spooky at night.