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PaizoCon 2015

Let The Games Begin!

The con started quiet. Even though it was quiet, the dealer room was steady the first day with people.

Legendary Games Panel!

"Panel presentation with Neil Spicer and Rachel Ventura of "What's New with Legendary Games?" at PaizoCon 2015. Photo courtesy of Erik Mona. A look back at a great year and a look forward to new products, including new revelations about the LEGENDARY PLANET adventure path, leading into the Legendary Worlds campaign setting!" ~Erik Mona

The Evil Clown Delve

Playing in the delve with evil clowns. Yes the tiny fist did turn into a giant one but missed punching me in the nose. Meanwhile the fighter was able to attack from a laying position covered in white clown makeup to open the flat top clown up like a zipper and have balloon organs spill all over. We survived and managed to earn a smiley face for killing a clown. Want to play again?
— with Cosmo Fallacy.

Know Direction Live Podcast

Friday at 2pm we were guest on the Know Direction podcast that they did live. Monica Marlow and Mike Selinke were also guest. Always a pleasure talking with Ryan Costello, Jr. and his co-host for this event Alexander Augunas from Everyman Gamer. Ryan earned the volunteer award with Jefferson Thacker for the know direction podcast.

Friday Night Special

Special special who's got the special? We had a fabulous group of level 1 players. Two clerics, a magus, a barbarian, an investigator, and I, Tiny the Goblin Slayer! There was some shenanigans and lots of talk of setting everything a blaze but we managed to all live - huzzah!
— with Reg A McReynolds and Jonathan Nollan.

This is where the stone pillers came to life and attacked us.

No worries, I've got this... oh wait these things are nasty. 

So glad we are out of there. Hey lets just check out this menagerie; surely nothing could go wrong here...


Finally we are making progress! Seriously more creatures to fight. And they are flying. This is when the rest of the PFS room saved us as it was reported this area cleared. Wow thanks other pathfinders for swooping in and killing those creatures for us.

Inside... Seriously there has been something strange going on. Who's body is that? Ohhhhhh no...

Now what?

Moving to the tapestry room. Uhhhh, this is definitely getting worse for the pathfinders, not better.

But we were able to survive and fight another day. Looks like by working as a team we were able to keep the Apis from following through with their plan fully. Sorry, no spoilers.

The GOBLIN Delve! 

Well Greg failed to kill any of us. Although we did catch a lot of stuff on fire. Our poor Cleric took a lot of abuse. We were able to clear two waves. Things were looking very bad for us with the third wave. Goblins on dogs and Goblins on lizards had surrounded me and managed to knock me out. Our grateful cleric had healed me 17 points. As I came through I had 4 opportunity of attacks facing me just as the bell rang. Saved by the bell!! Better luck next time

"Rachel, why is the building on fire, the wagon on fire, and the street on fire!?!" Overheard at ‪#‎Paizocon‬

Gaming with Celebrities!

Gaming with Celebrities was fantastic! Nicolas Logue put on a marvelously entertaining performance as Rob McCreary, Wes Schneider, James Jacobs, James Sutter, and Amanda Hamon Kunz attempted to make sense of the madness. Between grotesque monsters such as queen insects giving birth to a litter of 8 mythic larva with mythos tentacles and disturbing visions such as death and torture beyond belief they battled their way to the truth.

The audience twisted the fates with plot cards and re-rolls while each of the players had to overcome the horrors of Nick's mind. James and James played brothers of extreme strength and constitution - ever testing each other in battle and working together to protect their bond against orcs and slave drivers who would tear them asunder. Amanda torn from her beloved ax was finally reunited. Rob after tearing a hide and horn from the ancient unicorn of protection battled the monk cricket in a long 20 minute crouching tiger hidden dragon battle before smashing its wrists and head into the spire of the top of the tower. 

And their leader Wes was assisted by his crow companion to save the day by killing the king, and fighting the white peacock, only to truly be tested later by going against his evil sister. A sister who loved and understood her brother like no other. By melting the death black coins into his heart he was able to destroy it and his sister simultaneously. The adventure ends on the last words of Wes "Only now am I ready to lead".

PaizoCon Banquet

What's there to say but you missed out on some cool stuff. Check out the Paizo forums for all the info as I would not do it justice. Here's a little sneak peek though. 

Saturday Night hanging around!

And then it was onto the drinking. Since my phone was dying I didn't get any photos but here is one someone else took. 
Freelance Forge takes game design seriously. — with Chris Wasko, Garrett Guillotte, Mike Kimmel Marshall, Andrew Marlowe, Steve Helt, Jeff Swank, Rachel Ventura, Owen KC Stephens, Kalervo Oikarinen, Mikko Kallio and Joe Kondrak.

After hanging with these fine folks we spent a little time talking with some of Paizo's staff before jumping into a very silly game that was played on We had to draw what we interrupted a sentence to be and then others had to guess what the sentence was and then vote on the best description. It was very fun but very ridiculous as well. 

Third Party Publishers Panel

The next morning I sat on a panel with Jason Nelson from Legendary Games, Wolfgang Baur from Kobold Press, Jonathan Nelson from Adventure A Week Games, Dale McCoy and Richard Moore from Jon Brazer Enterprises, and Alex Riggs from Necromancers of the Northwest. We discussed "So you want to be a 3rd party publisher." We had a really good turn out and great questions.

 And then we had lunch and Mango Thai. Mmmmm their pineapple rice was heavenly!

Sunday Night Special

So here we got to replay the Friday special but as the Apis Consortium Agents. It was cool. I got to play a Magus for the first time and I definitely liked the way I got to attack and still use my spells. She was fun. Even though here picture here is from the new Occult book coming and it looks like she is wielding fire, this Magus was actually more built for ice spells. It was a nice change from the rogue but all in all I will be happy to be back playing Tiny!

So these black spots were all the places we had to explore. Sooooo we decided to split the party! Ha. We each took 3 locations. For the most part nothing exceptional happened. Our assassin though almost killed our spy so that could have been good or bad. Lucky I was able to worm back in and save the day.

Atlas the map is clear!

So fighting in the vault was really hard and we were getting pretty nervous. Finally the protection rounds ended and we were finally able to do some damage!

And it is up to the tapestry room. Here we were able to save ourselve quiet a lot of time by simply convincing the pathfinders that they should be fighting with the others! It helped that our leader was disguised as the spy and we were all disguised as other pathfinders. The next step of the plan was to open the portal and let in the monsters and we were able to do so easily. In fact we were able to trade for a dragon to help us in the final battle.

Assassin is now a Dragon. Hells ya!

Our GM just before the final battle.

oh this library again! So you want to play games do you. Well we'll just have to come and get you... all 6 of you! Sorry no spoilers.

And the lucky roll.... yes! we were able to complete our objectives! And just in the nick of time, no seriously they were kicking us out of the room in like 5 minutes. lol

And she was well spent in the end.

We Be Goblins (Kids Track)

Mike Brock and the folks at Paizo and Pathfinder Society HQ equipped the girls with some plushie Goblins!  They named them Fireball and Rippy. The next morning the girls participated in the kids track where they got to play as goblins, specifically Fireball and Rippy!

We Be Goblins! After testing their skills and playing "hide or get smashed in the face". The goblins found a map to fireworks and set off through the forest. They encountered a spider first which the rogue and fighter were able to dispense of quickly. Then in a cave they found 3 icky stinky dogs which the party was able to take care of. Lastly they had to fight a Goblin leader and flaming horse. Evie slashed at the horses' heart while Lily shot it in the head. The other fighter used her short bow to attack the Goblin leader. The two boys took turns throwing their characters into the fight, literally while our cleric, Heidi attempted to heal quicker than they took damage. And success! They had defeated the guards of the case of fireworks. The treasure was theirs at last! Linda Zayas-Palmer

Linda Zayas-Palmer (GM) "what is better than fireworks?"
Lily "bombs!"
Linda "a map to more fireworks"
Heidi "I like to destroy things with fire"
Evie "I throw a fireball!"


All the kids got to help draw the forest!

Oh no evil spider!

What is Fireball going to do now. Smash the spider, smash the spider!

Further exploration...

The cave had several dogs in it which the goblins were able to kill off. And finally they were able to find the fire horse and main goblin to fight for their end battle.

The party divided in two and were able to slay the betrayers!


 The Nut-Ka-Rak Delve

Leave it to the youngest members of the party to save the day. While their father Jason Ventura was busy getting eaten the rogue and fighter were doing heavy damage. Their useless prone cleric was dabbling in spells as far away as possible. They were able to successfully take down the villain Nut-Ka-Rak in time to save the wizards. Thank you Rob McCreary for the exciting last minute adventure!

Rachel Ventura and family playing the delve at Paizocon with Rob McCreary as the GM! — with Rachel Ventura, Jason Ventura and Rob McCreary at DoubleTree by Hilton Seattle Airport. Picture by Liz Courts.

And lastly, time to go home!

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