Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Game Night House on Haunted Hills

We had a FUN and Fantastic time learning some new games. The first game was Balderdash. Which apparently I am horrible at. Either my answers had obvious give aways or my answers were too boring (maybe too smart) because no one would vote for them. The way the game works is the reader announces the category and word and you write a description or definition.  Then the other players vote on what they think is the right answer.  Not only did no one vote for my answers but I equally sucked and guessing the right answers.  I came in dead last by a long shot.

The next game we played was "What would you so if..." The way it is played is everyone writes down a scenario of what would you do if... then we fold the paper and put it in the pot. You grab one at random to answer (it cannot be your own). Once answered you fold it and put it back in the pot. Then everyone takes one. Player 1 reads the top scenario but then Player 2 reads their answer. Next player 2 reads their scenario and player 3 reads their answer and you continue it around. This game was so very very hilarious!!!

Lastly, we moved into a more serious and spooky game of House on Haunted Hill. The problem was we couldn't get serious after all the silliness.  We did manage to trap 3 or 4 zombies and kill the madman though.  The scary music Jess provided added a nice touch!

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