Sunday, September 7, 2014

Prepping to GM (FIRST TIME EVER!)

So I am prepping to run my first ever game as the GM. This could go horribly wrong. I have decided to run Razor Coast by Nicholas Logue. This might be a mistake (there's a lot going on I  this book) but I like pirates and all and well I had a hand in the book coming to fruition so I thought why not. And you know what, there is a lot of reading involved. Fuck. Why didn't someone warn me. So I will be l running this for another publisher, Jonathan Nelson of AAW Games and his son plus my hubby. The game starts 2 weeks from today. Good thing I am prepping now. Just a little nervous. We will see how this goes and report back. Until then I will need more wine! Feel free to send any advice my way :)

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