Monday, September 22, 2014

Razor Coast Part 1 Level 1

Ithis (Jonathan's elf rogue) had smuggled onboard a supply ship with his companions Valerian (Jason's blood rager) and Kalen (Justice's Water Cleric) but little did they know the ship was actually headed for port shaw. 

After sneaking off at port and quickly taking in the surroundings a fisherman attempted to sell them a map of Bloodbane's gold. Ithis detecting the bluff attacked the poor fisherman but before he could get too far into the attack, the dragoons spotted them and stopped any skirmish from happening. Ithis was smart to bluff the guards into thinking they were just bringing the lying fisherman to them. The guards suggested they grab a bite to eat in the Run Aground tavern while they handle the likes of the fisherman. 

The party headed to the inn and spoke with the dwarf owner who talked briefly about all the ships that had recently gone missing like the Moonchase and the Seabear. He pointed them over to Randal Kamm, who was drunk and going on and on about the crew he was putting together to save his seamates. Spinning a tale of woah and mystery of pirates and Bloodbane's gold he convinced the party to join Captain Tomas Garell on the Salvation for a ride to the Seabear. 

See after Tomas' last attack he put his Thunderstrike up for sale hoping to retire but with no takers he has been forced to work. He rents the Salvarion to carry goods across to the mainland which easily pays for the rent and the crew, plus a little something extra for him to live on. The party having only minutes to jump on the ship as it left port hurried on. The skies were clear and the winds were favorable. The party arrived within 2 hours. The fog filled cove was not a place Tomas planned to stay. He quickly urged the PCs onto theSeabear so he could set sail before the oncoming storm set in. 

Almost immediately they split the party as they searched below deck. Valerian and Kalen found the cargo area but quickly became possessed. Valerian by Captain Cray and Kalen by Sergeant James Riggs. They all headed back up to the main deck and began attacking the mast faling out of possession just as Ithis became possessed by Ensign Kalae Manu. The attack on the evil idol mast did not go well and all 3 PCs found themselves falling through the floors and back to the cargo hold within 4 rounds. The rat swarms attacked first and then the 4 Ghouls. Kalen was the first to become unconscious while Valerian became paralyzed. When Ithis also was knocked unconscious the undead suddenly felt their presence was needed elsewhere and began scattering around the ship. Kalen being possessed by Riggs again was able to heal himself and the others. 

As the GM I realized I could have had a TPK but with no means for new members to board the ship and seriously why would they go back there, I did not find this to be accessible. We had basically just got going and I hadn't prepped anything else to run so I let the party continue. 

After the also near kill from the mast above as well I announced the oncoming storm mentioned by Tomas was here (thank you Syrinscape for all the great creaking of the boat and storm sounds as well!) I advised the party that going above deck during this storm would not prove wise. They took the hint and continued to search the lower decks. All of them fell in and out of possession and paranoia. 

To make this simpler I created several cards to hand out to each player depending on location, status, and which character had possessed them first. The cards allowed me to quickly continue play. I will include a download link for the cards should you choose to use them. Valerian acting as Cray went to his quarters while Ithis explored the map room and Kalen as Riggs went to the crew's quarters. Cray's ghoulish body turned up here but it was a quick battle. As was the battle Ithis had with Tristian's headless zombie. However the centipedes swarmed and attacked Kalen and the other 2 hearing the disturbance were quick to help as Kalen once again was not handling it well. Aquiring the stored goods of the lockboxes they also found Tristian's head. Leaving there they searched the mess hall and Ithis feeding the cat dried meat was able to get it into his backpack. 

Next they explored the Brig where first they had to fight the ghoul pirate from earlier before releasing Thalios. After finding the powder room and lastly the guest cabin and quickly disposing of Manu's skeleton the players could hear the storm was lifting. In fact for the first time in the cove they began to hear birds outside. Going topside they unfortunately still found an angry mast. Valerian and Kalen eventually defeated the dark idols inside. A peace fell over the ship. 

Thalios helped th repair the rigging and they set sail at once. Although the party members were lacking in perception they did manage to find all the treasure. Ithis finding a map of Bloodbane's gold securely tucked it away for safe keeping while bluffing another fake copy into Thalios hands in exchange to helping them out. We ended the sessions there and we meet again in 2 weeks. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

My first published writings now in print!

My first published RPG works are in this book. I wrote two archetypes. So if for no other reason you should get it for that! No seriously, this is an awesome book. Check it out:


If you haven't already gotten your hands on this amazing critical hit sourcebook, you should.  This is one of those guidebooks that should be part of every gaming group.  Laying Waste modifies the standard critical hit rules to ensure that every critical threat roll is of some value to you, and replaces the sheer hit point destruction of standard critical hits with 600 critical hit and fumble effects.  The critical hit effects are expanded into light, moderate and severe effects as well, keeping balance at the various levels of play.  Better yet, your skill at arms is richly rewarded with this system, meaning that a goblin with an axe is not likely to decapitate you, but a 20th level warrior even with a dagger becomes something to be feared.  Also included are over 100 feats, new magic equipment and 16 martial archetypes!

Our newest adventure The Fen of the Five-Fold Maw (on Kickstarter now!) is also going to be designed to be Laying Waste Compatible.  That means that while the stat blocks will contain all the normal information, it will also have all the severity check bonuses and critical damage listed for you. 

Don't take my word for it though, check out what the reviewers have had to say:

"Streamlined, Brutal, Bloody, Ingenious...  Murdering Mayhem with fountains of blood and more cheers for critical hits than one could ever hope for." -Erik F

"Do you want your critical hits not just to do damage to your foes but to do spectactular damage that will have people talking about your mighty blows for weeks, years even? Do you want every 'natural 20' roll to have a significant effect irrespective of what the confirm critical roll comes up as? Look no further...  Aging gamers may recall the brilliantly cinematic critical hit tables from the Iron Crown Enterprises' game RoleMaster, and I'm sure I'm not the only person who reused them with other rulesets. Here, though, is a system written for use with the Pathfinder ruleset, mechanics honed to work directly with that system. Of course, fumbles are included as well, and the whole is an elegant way to make combat spectacular and exciting." -Megan R.

Over three hundred people supported this massive project on Kickstarter, and helped vet the mechanics through a year-long playtest.  It's a silver best seller and unanimously been given 5-star reviews.  A number of people have called this book canon in their home games, and we hope you will too.  Grab a copy today in print or PDF!   

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Prepping to GM (FIRST TIME EVER!)

So I am prepping to run my first ever game as the GM. This could go horribly wrong. I have decided to run Razor Coast by Nicholas Logue. This might be a mistake (there's a lot going on I  this book) but I like pirates and all and well I had a hand in the book coming to fruition so I thought why not. And you know what, there is a lot of reading involved. Fuck. Why didn't someone warn me. So I will be l running this for another publisher, Jonathan Nelson of AAW Games and his son plus my hubby. The game starts 2 weeks from today. Good thing I am prepping now. Just a little nervous. We will see how this goes and report back. Until then I will need more wine! Feel free to send any advice my way :)