Friday, August 8, 2014

Last Chicago Game Night for a Year

As some of you know, every summer I visit Chicago where 3 years ago I joined an amazing board game group. I have made friends over the last few years of coming back to play and the group has really become a highlight of the trip. Tonight was the last night to play before I head home. As usual,  I had a blast. This summer was the shortest of my trips so it was very bittersweet. 

Any rate,  I started off with a win on Lords of Waterdeep (a game this very group taught me). If you haven't played it, I highly recommend it. I very well designed game.

Next I played a game from a year or 2 ago that I had forgotten about. As soon as we started playing it, I remembered that I hated it. LOL. The game is Revolution and I dislike it because there is a blind bidding that occurs each round and I always manage to screw myself.  It is a very frustrating game for me. I couldn't wait for it to end. Good news is I didn't come in dead last. Ha!

But lastly, I played a new game, a really amazing steampunk game called Kings of air and steam. I absolutely loved it and came in 2nd! You have these blimps you use to collect resources and take the resources to train depots that you build. You use the trains to ship goods to earn points. The mechanics of the game are kind of chess-like in that you have to plan 4 moves ahead while all the other players do the same. The order of play is determined on which cards each player lines up so you have to be able to adjust if another player disrupts your plan. Like Settlers of Catan, the board, and in this case, resources, are randomized so each game you play is different.  I am excited to play it again. Definitely a game I will be buying.

Well Chicago, until next summer.  To my gaming friends,  you will be missed. Thank you for all the games you have taught me over the years. May I learn many more.

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