Friday, July 4, 2014

Paizocon 2014 kickoff

We started the evening off at the Claim Jumper for the Wayfinder meet and greet. Tim Nightengale was kind enough to offer us a hard copy of the current magazine. We spent some time looking through the articles and discussing it with the writers and artists. I also got to see my boss, Jason Nelson and business partner Neil Spicer. We finished dinner and slid out to make our way to the paizo meet and greet at AFK Tavern. It was wonderful seeing Stan Brown, LJ Stephens, and Owen. I met some new folks and enjoyed some drinks such as edition wars, mana potion, and the power slut. I then thoroughly destroyed the Cassino game Stan was trying to teach us. I still insist that I won. As things calmed down there we made our way to the bar at paizocon. Ah here was where the staff was hiding. We spent entirely too long checking up with friends like Erik, Jeff, Will, Shelly, John, Boomer, Kyle, and guest of honor Brian.  PaizoCon is shaping up to already be epic. After we left we grabbed a meal at Shari's before finally crashing at 3am. Game on!

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