Sunday, July 6, 2014

Paizocon 2014 day 2

Day 2! I had my mom bring the kiddos in today. They started by painting some minis with Reaper. At 2pm David Silver,  creator of Ponyfinder ran a game for the 3 of them. They had a fantastic job rescuing fillies and fighting goblins. David was amazing running such an awesome spin off of pathfinder. Thank you too for the rule book! It will definitely come in handy. The kids even had their own MLP miniatures that they had painted and brought with.

While they played that we jumped into a society game, Merchant's Wake. This social scenario was right up our alley as the party maxed out every point on the relations with the NPCs. Tiny the Goblin Slayer was a huge influence even if she managed to put her foot in her mouth a few times. Sadly all attempts to split the party were squashed by the gunslinger.  We ended the scenario with a huge success, thank you dice!

Next the kids played in a delve with Wolfgang's daughter.  Rob McCreary was patient and animated with the kids. They were happy when one winter wolf got covered in glitter and proud when Merisiel was able to evade the ice blast. The 4 of them were able to beat back and kill both wolves before the timer went off. Huzzah!

The kids, Reg and Andy headed out to AFK (we joined the later 2 after the banquet). Then lined up for the banquet.  We had accidentally got their earlier than planned due to my misunderstanding.  Joey from the other night just happened to be in line with us and offered to run a quick game while waiting in line. Of course we agreed. The 3 encounter adventure was fast paced and silly. Ending in the death of 12 additional goblins and lots of fireworks! Go Tiny, Go!

Lastly, we enjoyed having dinner with James Jacobs and listening to the new releases from paizo before heading out to AFK.

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