Thursday, July 24, 2014

Chicago Game Night

One of the things I love above visiting Chicago before Gen Con is attending Thursday Game night. I was able to fit 4 games in tonight. 3 new and I won 3. We played A Study in Emerald, a 1820s cthlulu based game. Euphoria, a worker replacement game, Innovation, a card game with interesting stacking and scoring techniques, and lastly 7 wonders, a quick card game of building your empire. I won the last three. I had a good shot at winning the first one until my team members killed me off because they didn't know I was on their side which resulted in the 3 of us losing. Ops! All in all, lots of good fun! I will be able to go in 2 weeks and see some of these frienda at Gen Con as well!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Small World

We had a fun time showing our neighbors how to play small world. Clara was stomping us with her trolls and halflings (seriously?!) even though Katie's flying giants were pretty impressive. I rocked it with spirit elves, Bivouac skeletons, and pillaging ratman. The final score Clara and I tied at 79, Jason at 75, Katie at 74, and Joe at 65.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Paizocon 2014 Day 3

Sunday morning 9am panels are hard to get to but those who made the Legendary Games' panel were in for a treat. We revealed a number of new products in the works, attendees received an additional 10% off AND we had some product giveaways!

You can read more about what it coming out on the blog at
After our panel we had a company meeting before going into the 3rd Party Publisher Panel. John Ling, Wolfgang,  and Jason Nelson did a fabulous job discussing where we've been, where we are going, what's worked, and what's next.
The next 2 hours were a series of last minute business items and goodbyes before heading over to Cafe Mox for some lunch and finally a stop at the Fremont Bridge Troll.

I also added some more photos of the society game Jonathan Nollan ran for us as well as late night shenanigans.