Friday, May 2, 2014

Where did April go? Plus Owen joins the gang!

The Mythic Mania kickstarter has been going really well. It of course sucks up any extra time I might normally enjoy but I did manage to get some painting of miniatures in. I've posted those at the bottom. I was able to slip away not once, but twice this month to meet up with industry folks. Earlier in the month I met up with Ashley Cook's group to play some boardgames. Lords of Waterdeep and Pandemic, oh yeah! Then with Owen Stephens coming to town to work for Paizo we had a little shindig to welcome him to the neighborhood. Here is our horrible picture of the group that could make it this month:
Then one of the facebook groups I belong to had a little contest for painting these two specific reaper minis. So here was my entry:

You might be able to view my other reaper minis here: otherwise I plan to post more pictures once time allows:

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