Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Lords of Waterdeep

The other day we invited some non gamers over to the house to teach them how to play Lords of Waterdeep.  They are good friends and smart so we figured they would enjoy the challenge.  Although the process of explaining the game took a bit longer than usual by round 2 they had caught on. Everyone enjoyed the game and agreed to play again. In fact they came in nd and 3rd place. Not bad for beginner gamers. 

Lords of Waterdeep is such a well designed game. It teeters on the edge of strategy while being simple enough to teach to new gamers. I love that every time it's a new game. Even the box is well designed.  The expansions are interesting but we definitely need to play them more before I write too much more about them.

Our goal is to add a few more euro games to this couples list of games played before introducing Settlers of Catan. Definitely one of my favorite games even if the explanation to new gamers takes forever!

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