Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Gamer Weekend

My birthday was on the 4th and it so happened it was a gamer weekend for the family and I. I received the Belfort boardgame so had some friends over to play. This of course coincided perfectly with International Tabletop Day. 
On Saturday during the day the family and I headed over to the Cinerama in Seattle to watch Captain American 2 and to eat chocolate popcorn! The movie, I felt, was much better than the first one but I still think Avengers is the best among them all. Still it was nice that Black Widow got a lot of screen time too in this one. 

On the way to the theater we saw a giant pillow fight. Apparently batman and the flash decided to show up too. (sorry the photos suck):

Then on Sunday the girls and I played a little Dwarven Forge castle building before breaking out the reaper minis to paint. I'll have more pictures up soon. Afterwards I finished up the evening by watching the new Game of Thrones.

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