Monday, April 14, 2014

RPG Industry Night Out

February's night out was productive. We broke our rule and talked about work. Yikes. But it was all good and everyone enjoyed themselves! We went to Araya's Place - Thai Vegan restaurant. The Pad Thai was good but the Tom Guk Kai was the winner!

Chris Pramas, Kyle Elliot, Jason Nelson, Eric Cagle, Jonathon Nelson and his wife, myself and my husbandall attended. It was a pretty raining day in Seattle but we stayed warm and toasty inside.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Gamer Weekend

My birthday was on the 4th and it so happened it was a gamer weekend for the family and I. I received the Belfort boardgame so had some friends over to play. This of course coincided perfectly with International Tabletop Day. 
On Saturday during the day the family and I headed over to the Cinerama in Seattle to watch Captain American 2 and to eat chocolate popcorn! The movie, I felt, was much better than the first one but I still think Avengers is the best among them all. Still it was nice that Black Widow got a lot of screen time too in this one. 

On the way to the theater we saw a giant pillow fight. Apparently batman and the flash decided to show up too. (sorry the photos suck):

Then on Sunday the girls and I played a little Dwarven Forge castle building before breaking out the reaper minis to paint. I'll have more pictures up soon. Afterwards I finished up the evening by watching the new Game of Thrones.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Writing Assignment Complete

I've just finished my writing assignment for the Medusa Guide For Gamer Girls, all 3500 words. I need to sort through some gaming pictures to send Christina to include in the book as well. My topic was on raising gaming girls. I was a fun write up. I will be sure to keep you all posted once the book is complete and available :)

Read more about the project here:

Wow look out, between this assignment and my past one for TPK games I might just be getting the writing bug :)