Saturday, November 23, 2013

Writing Pathfinder

I shared this the other day on facebook: After much consideration, it appears as though I am going to have to read the Pathfinder Rulebook and most likely the Advanced Player's Guide. And I had gone so long without reading any official rulebooks. Now to carve out some time...

So I started reading the beginner box set since it was suggested by Dave Gross. I really like the way the set is organized. Next up the Core Rulebook, then the Advanced Players Guide. 

so the whole reason I need to read these rules (after playing RPGs for 25 years) is because I've been commissioned by Brian Berg of TPK games for his Kickstarter Laying Waste. I was a bonus goal ;)

The kickstarter is pretty cool actually. He has re-written the rules for the critical attacks and I'm a big fan of the new system.

Several industry folks have been unlocked to write additional content for the book. I've been commissioned to write some Archetypes. I've got them outlined and plan to finish up the writing this week. If you are interested in the KS, here's the link:

However, after reading the beginner box set it's got me thinking about adventures. Hmm, should I write one?

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