Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Last Unicorn

I took the girls to see The Last Unicorn on the big screen.  It was being featured at Cinerama which is an amazing theater. First of all when you walk in it smells like chocolate chip cookies because they make chocolate popcorn. We actually went with the mix, mmm sweet and salty. The screen is gigantic and curves on the sides but not like an imax, it is hard to explain. The picture was so clear and the colors bright. The music has always moved me, so it was fantastic to hear it in surround sound.  The girls got a little antsy waiting for the movie to start but hearing Peter Beagle discuss his cabin story and how he ended up writing it was amusing. "The creative process of miscommunication" as he put it. The theater was sold out and every seat was filled. We got to see some industry friends there as well. It was fantastic seeing so many fans supporting this classic. I am glad the girls got the chance to participate in something special like this, and so we went home with the book and two unicorns. Lol

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