Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Slipping, Kickstarters, and Halloween

So I know I've been slipping on posting on my blog. Truth is other than watching a few "geeky" shows I haven't had much time to geek out. I've been longing to paint my reaper minis with no luck. AND now they have a new Kickstarter for Bones II! Are you in on it? I literally just lost out on the last spot on the first wave. When I backed it, it said 1 spot left but by the time it got to the financial page it was sold out so I'm in wave 2, not bad huh? 

So I'm excited and bummed about the Reaper KS. Excited cause I love the Bones and it is just going to be Epic all over again. Bummed that we at Legendary Games have a small kickstarter planned for late next week. A little stressed at going up against the big dog. Still we are asking for a modest amount so hopefully we will have success. 

Enough about Kickstarter. Life in work has been busy but home life has equally been busy too. This month is already packed full. I have my Star Trek costume for Halloween shipping soon. Should I share here on the blog? For trick or treating however looks like I will be the Evil Queen from Snow White while my kids will be apples. 

Well I thought I would just stop in and say I haven't forgotten about my blog!

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