Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Night Out

So one of the cool things about my job is the people I get to work with and interact with. Several of us live up here in the Seattle area so Jonathan Nelson from Adventure a Week suggested some of us get together every once in a while. So this month we went to Brouwer's Cafe.

Now Brouwer's Cafe is a very cool place. From the outside it looks like a warehouse. The door is a heavy wood door on the inside but painted plainly on the outside making it tough to tell if it is even an entrance or an emergency exit. The inside though is gorgeous. A wooded interior with oak tables and a long bar filled with taps. The upstairs has an open second floor overlooking the main hall, making it feel like the interior of a castle. 

Scott Gable from Zombie Sky Press got us a table upstairs where we got to sit at the "round table" My co-worker Jason Nelson joined us as did Jason Bulman, Wes Schneider, and Adam Daigle from Paizo.

We had a great time talking non business stuff like, um, cow tipping and paintballing zombies. You know, only the important stuff. lol

I enjoyed the cheese tray (Abbaye St. Mere raw cow, France; Ibores raw goat, Spain; Fourme D’ Ambert French Bleu; Cana de Cabra soft goat, Spain. Local wildflower honey and sea salted walnuts, dates, crackers) and the Belgian Pommes Frites. The Bourbon Dragon Sauce was awesome! I really liked the Seattle Cider Co. Pumpkin Spice Cider too :) 

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