Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sales Discussion & Controversy

So there has been some discussion especially among the 3rd Party Publishers of Pathfinder books on the top sales. It all started with some posts by Louis Porter Jr on his blog. Here is the latest posting he made: http://lpjd.blogspot.com/2013/09/transparency-agenda-33-examining-top.html

Then Ben McFarland questioned Louis on being more indepth. Louis suggested Ben could do it and post on his blog and so he did. You can click on the link below to see all the data. I've reposted the compiled results here. 

After you take a look feel free to tell me what you think. Why do you think certain 3PP do better - is it because they truly have a better product, is it price, is it the inside hand, inquiring minds want to know.

Compiled Results:
1 Setting
7 Paper Minis
29 Supplemental Rules
23 Player Material (Mythic Core Spells might be Player or Supplemental, I've listed it as Player Material)
Themes: (products may qualify for mor than one theme)
Aug 17: monks (2), faeries (2), kingmaker-supplemental (2)
Aug 24: alternate classes (2), wuxia (2), kingmaker-supplemental (3)
Sep 02: cavaliers (2), kingmaker-supplemental (3), monsters (3)
Sep 07: cavaliers (2), AP-supplemental (4), kingmaker-supplemental (4), monsters (4)
Sep 14: mythic (2), kingmaker-supplemental (2), monsters (4)
Sep 21: alternate classes (2), kingmaker-supplemental (2),undead (2), monsters (4)
Consistent Themes:
6weeks Kingmaker-Supplemental
* AP-Supplemental
5weeks Class Materials
* monks (1 week)
* cavaliers (2 weeks)
* alt classes (2 weeks)
4weeks Monsters
* faeries
* undead
Compiled Month Costs
Average: $6.27 (# below Ave: 40 out of 60)
Median: $4.99 (# below Med: 27 out of 60)
High: $14.15 (Distribution: 3 above/3 below; Range 9.99-19.99)
Low: $2.15 (Distribution: 1 above/5 below; Range 1.99-2.99)
Compiled Company Distribution
Dreamscarred 1
Frog God Games 1
TPK Games 1
PF Minis 7
Rite Publishing 2
Minotaur Games 6
Kobold Press 10
Super Genius 11
Legendary Games 21
What Does This Show?
Some interesting things, I think...although I'm pretty sure this isn't a substantialenough data set to consider this very definitive.
First, it seems that 4.99 is a good price point where customers are willing buy aproduct. Second, while the wisdom suggests that players are a wider customer base, the larger number of sales seem to be for GM-oriented materials, like supplemental, rules, monsters, and AP supplemental materials. High-priced pdfs seem to be muchlarger files, or part of print bundles. The lower priced pdfs seem to mostly below the median, but there are over half of the pdfs above the median, so the price point isn't overwhelming deciding factor. Nothing exceeds 19.99 on the pdfs, even Frog God's large ToH4, and none of them seem to have Hero Lab files listed, which doesn't seem to have made an impact. 
Legendary Games really shows a larger footprint; they have a catalog of 32 products but have claimed 21 of the 60 slots. Minotaur Games has been consistently in the top 10 with only 10 products, and I think this is directly attributable to the author's position beyond Minotaur. Pathfinder Paper Minis are the only real regular paper mini product in the list-- likely because they're complementing existing modules, which Legendary Games has shown to be a good option. Legendary is banking on the fact that their freelancers are Paizo's freelancers, and so there's an implied state of their work being "Unofficially Official." Kobold Press and Super Genius appear to ramping up a weekly release schedule. None of the other publishers have enough presence to merit commentary.
Unsurprisingly, the 1st ranked product usually has a 5-star rating. However, lacking a rating doesn't seem to prevent a product from showing up, and there is a 3-star product on for several weeks.
I haven't taken advertising into consideration. I really can't tell that based on
the reports and I'm not surfing the web enough to know if they've been posted some where specific.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Pathfinder Tales: Pirate's Honor Review

I had the pleasure of meeting Chris A Jackson at Paizo Con this year. We played in a pathfinder game run by Greg A Vaughan and it was a exciting game. Chris and his wife Ann were fantastic gamers and I got to learn a little about their life on a boat. How awesome is that!? Any rate, I ran into Chris at Gen Con and he gave me his book Pirate's Honor. 

I recently finished reading the book and have to say I loved it! Now, to be fair I have only read one other Pathfinder novel (James Sutter's Death's Heretic) which I also enjoyed. So I will not be reviewing this in reference to the other books but on it's own stand alone merits.

I really enjoyed first that the book had strong female characters that were equal to the men, representing the hero and the foe in the novel. Second, I was surprised how versatile the book was in the direction it went. I had prepared myself for a straight up adventuring book but this novel offered so much more.

Celeste, the navigator of a pirate ship, struggles with the basic human emotion involved in her relationship with the Captain, Torius Vin, although she herself is not human. Emotions such as love, trust, deception, betrayal, and humility come into play on more then one occasion. 

Torius Vin, a captain you'll quickly relate with and be routing for, has a little more than honor as he protects his crew like family. After being betrayed by his first mate he must find another one not to mention another job to pay the crew and more. but Vin is after all human and well, a man, so certain distractions and challenges arise that keep you wondering what will happen next.

Verva, a crafty courtesan will have you ready to jump into a cold shower. The woman is hot and a seductress like no other. 50 shades of Verva anyone? Any scene with her in it is definitely worth the read! She was easily one of my favorite characters in the book. 

Speaking of favorites, Snick a gnome is another character who had me giggling and shaking my head as I read her interactions. She provides just enough chaotic excitement and sarcasm that any adventuring party needs.

The half orc bosun lives up to his name in every manner. He saves Vin's butt in more ways than one. But the handsome merchant Benrahi Ekhan will keep you guessing right until the end. 

Truly a great book full of excitement, adventuring, treasure hunting, and sword fighting; not to mention betrayal, love, and vengeance. In conclusion, a must read!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Painted Minis

Man it has been forever since I last posted. Can't let that happen again! 
 I wanted to share some of the miniatures I have been painting from the Reaper Kickstarter. Click on any photo to zoom in.
Elf with keys (non-bones)| 77072: Bailey Silverbell | 77068: Anirion, Wood Elf Wizard | 77073: Freja Fangbreaker | 89006: Seoni, Iconic Sorceress
77088: Townsfolk: Grandmother | 77087: Townsfolk: Mom & Kids | 77085: Townsfolk: Wench | 77086: Townsfolk: Strumpet
 Here's my brother, RA Mc Reynolds painting with his son Andy
And here is my mom. She only just started painting this year at Paizo Con and really liked it. She did both my storm giants for me. 
 77162: Yephima, Female Cloud Giant
77163: Male Storm Giant
 Here I am with my daughters who painted some too

 These are the ones the girls did...
 This is when we first got them and opened them all up.