Sunday, August 11, 2013

The White Queen

I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode of The White Queen on Starz. The show starts in 1463 and depicts the war of the roses. The first episode was full of intrigue, action, romance, and witchcraft. It easily flowed from each plot point. Elizabeth Woodville, a young beautiful widow captures the interest of the new York king, Edward. But is it her beauty or her witch ways that brings him back? Elizabeth’s mother Jaquetta is clearly leading her daughter and shaping her future. The brilliant scene with the Duchess (King Edward’s mother) and Jaquetta is executed perfectly. With premonitions of danger and the women in red looming the episode ends with you wanting more.  The acting is good, the customs are riveting, but the intrigue brought on by the woman not the men is what makes this show stand out from other similar shows. Is this the female version of Game of Thrones? I will be tuning in for more and I am excited to see where they take this 10 part mini series. So check out on Starz, Saturday 9pm ET.