Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Gen Con Recap - 2013 - Wednesday

Every year I say I'm going to do a nightly recap of events so I don't forget and each night I roll in at 5am and the whole thing gets blown out of the water. So let's see if I can piece this together. 
Wednesday we finished setting up the booth and met with friends. Lunch was inevitible, so we had lunch at Dick's Last Resort and our Waitress was very cool. A gamer and comic book fan she had us rolling with the lovely hats she made us. 
I finished a few more things up at the booth after lunch (you know like adding price tags) then headed out to the Beer Tapping. 

After enjoying a slightly bitter amber we made our way to the Stink where Skeeter was able to win a dice tossing contest and got this amazing swag bag of goodies. We are got our free stink dice though so that was cool. 
Here Skeeter is with the D20 creator. I'm jealous of his giant die.
Later that evening we grabbed food at Noodles and Company where I was given the best Magic Card ever! When tapped it produces 1 desert for free. Unlimited refills on it too. Amazing!! Noodles & Company really did it up this year with the Tardis door, goblin windows, zombie signs, magic cards, and more. So cool to nerd out and eat yummy food.
After Dinner we made it to the 15th floor of the Westin where we enjoyed a nice boardgame of Castle Ravenloft. Oh yeah as usual my rogue saved the day.

Returning back to my hotel room in the middle of the night my belly as usual demanded food. I had my left over noodles but no fork. The pencils from Frog God Games made for amazing chopsticks although every once in a while I got a little graphite taste.
The end of a great day with friends, food, and being nerdy. Yay!

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