Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Gen Con Recap - 2013 - Thursday

And so the first official day begins. The crowds surrounding the door was apparently massive. I got to sneak in early through the side door as an exhibitor. It was a pleasure meeting with the VIGs too. I loved putting a face to a name, especially some of the online folks from the boards. Working the booth went by surprisingly fast! Tom Knauss was there most of the day with me. He was amazing and I want to hire him every year!

Because I spent most of the day in the booth or meeting with people I have little images to show for this day. However, my evening did get better. First I enjoyed a belated birthday shake with Neil Spicer and after a while of us talking we headed over to dinner with a few friends. 

You might recognize a name or two. Here we are playing Werewolf: Erik Frankhouse, Erik Bauer, Brandon Hodge, Tom Knauss, Adam Daigle, Liz Courts, Rone Barton, Naomi Tripi, Jen Page, Louis Agresta, John Ling Jr, Little Lings and Sue Ling, Neil Spicer, Owen Stephens, Tim Hitchcock, Wes Schneider, Jason Bulmahn and Erik Mona. Later Stan! dropped in and Owen got to entertain us.
One of the best parts was about half way through the fire alarm went off and we all had to evacuate. Rone took his food with him. So there he was eating pasta on the streets of Indy.

The werewolves managed to get a fair number of us, Owen, Lou, and I were among the first. But I, being the Tanner, won. Arrrrrr!
Since I failed to post this image for Wednesday's recap, you get it here instead. Isn't it a great look for me. This was waiting in line for the tapping. 
Check out the van with the taps right on the side of the van too. Now that's what I want to take to a party!

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