Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Gen Con Recap - 2013 - Sunday

Worst hangover ever! That pretty much sums up the day... ok fine I tell you what the end is like.
First I had to run an Event in the morning, hello advil! I mean I woke up still tasting Red Bull so that is never a good sign. I am so glad my twins have trained me for this moment of lack of sleep.
So my very crafty con goers created some awesome paper flowers while I nursed my water.

I then headed down to the booth to close up shop. Several friends stopped in to say hi (or really to see if I was still walking) and that made the day go by quick. We did really well for our first year having a booth.
Then I summoned my minions to come pack up the booth for me. The minute 4pm rolled around Gen Con made an annoucement that the con was over. Applause errupted like it was graduation day and then the carpet rolled up in like 10 seconds. They don't mess around. My team had the whole booth packed on pallets in 45 minutes flat. 
They are awesome! Big thanks to Gary, Jeff, Jeff, Caitlin, and Reg!
So Indianapolis, until next year, keep being the beautiful city you are but for god-sake, take a bath cause baby, you stink! See you next year!

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