Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Gen Con Recap - 2013 - Saturday

"Saturday, in the park, I wish it was the 4th of July". Sorry that just totally popped into my head. Ooo Shiny!

So here we are. Crawling out of bed, barely to make it to the con. This was my steampunk day and sadly I have NO pictures of me. People took pictures but I have yet to see them. So if you con goers have shots of me I want to see them!
Any rate, here is Lou Agresta and John Ling hanging out in the booth. They were probably signing books and such. You know cause they did that little project called Razor Coast with a ton of people no one ever heard of. ok, ok, I kid, I kid. No seriously though Nick Logue's book is awesome and the team Lou brought on to work on it are golden. Good job boys. 
Now for a little booth fun. You want us to punch your cheese weasel card then you have to bench our books. Or the next closest thing to it. 30 seconds is a long time when you are holding out Rappan Athuk and The Slumbering Tsar Saga.
But at least we gave them a free coloring book each! So yeah I was in the booth until I wasn't. I had to sneak off to run my Steampunk Card Making Class, which was awesome. Check out these beauties... then buy my stuff!
After my class I needed some FOOD! A pretzel for the day was not doing it for me. So we headed off to St Elmo's. Below is the empty seat for Brian Berg from TPK Games. Thanks for standing us up, now the whole world knows it. LOL
So everyone says to try the shrimp cocktail. So I'm like "Sure I like shrimp and cocktails, bring it on". They tell me it's hot but I'm like "I eat Indian food and Mexican". Well the shrimp arrives (and no cocktail, J/K) and the sauce is all on top, and it is chunky with white bits in it. Interesting. 

So I being the first among Chuck and Alley try it. I take a huge bite and for a second I think I have just shot acid up my nose and down my brain stem. The eyes start to water and half my face goes numb. So yeah, those chucks were whole pieces of horseradish. After I regained feeling in my face I have to say, they were delicious. You should try them!
After dinner we headed over to Lou's party. Always the highlight of Gen Con. I got to play zombie dice and resistance with Luis, Amanda Kunz, Erik Bauer, and Mark Moreland. Then they tried to bring Chris Self in to replace me but I wasn't having it.
Here they are running D20Pro on the big screen. Mat Morton always a pleasure and now we have Matt with two Ts :)
 Elliot and Cosmo below. I have no idea what they are playing...
As things progressed through the night we got to hang with several friends. It was nice seeing Chris Pramas and Nick Logue even out. Some how we thought it would be a good idea to head over to another party (ok, ok I believe it was my idea) and we ended up following Tim Hitchcock (NOT my idea) to the Wild Beaver. Now it looks so innocent during the day, not so much at night. After 5 Rofies (a shot made with red bull) we staggered out of there at 3 or 4 in the morning. The dollar has a story but it is one better saved for another day and well, the video. Bwahahaha. Thank Erik!

We finished the evening out at Steak n Shake where the cops were hanging out cause apparently things get crazy there at 5am, who knew. That was our clue to hit the sack.

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