Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Gen Con Recap - 2013 - Friday

Friday morning started with a blur. The late nights have already started taking its toll on me by this point, and never mind the drinking...
So Friday was my pirate day, Arrrrr! The first thing I did in the morning was swing by Author's Row and find Chris A. Jackson. The man had a pirate book for me, The Pirate's Honor (go get it now, yes shameless plug!) But I also got this awesome picture with him too!
Speaking of pictures, here is one with John Reyst, creator of
 But I wasn't the only Pirate roaming the halls...
In fact check out this awesome custom Liz Courts was sporting later that night when we were drinking.
So, before I get to ahead of myself, let me back up. Some of you may not know this, but I also teach Steampunk Scrapbooking classes to gamer spouses. So Friday afternoon I snuck off to do that. Here is the layout we did. You know you love it and want to buy my stuff now!

Now back to the drinking. I know I ate a late lunch from The Ram which was delicious, so I want to say we skipped eating and headed right out for the Ennies. I had a fantastic time catching up with Shelly & Wolfgang Bauer, Owen Stephens, Steve Russell, and many more. I got to meet a few new faces like John Arcadian from Gnome Stew and Paul Grosse from PCGen. If it wasn't for the shards of glass John flung at us I wouldn't have met either of them. We are a wild and crazy bunch. You can check out all the winners here.
The Karaoke though was just amazing! Rone Barton sang with the girls from The D20 Girls Project in their version of "I'll Spock the World and Meld with You". Stan did a terrific job with Sweet Transvestite. You can view the video here. 
After the Ennies I headed off to the Westin for the Kickstarter Party with Luke Crane in Peter Adkison's room. This is like a where's waldo picture right here... can you find me, Luke, and Peter. If you can then message me!
Since we hadn't eaten yet we (as in R.A McReynolds, John Reyst, and myself) headed off to Scotty's where we met up with the folks from Paizo. I do have to say they have the worst lemon drops ever, don't believe me, ask Erik Mona about the one he choked down. Lol. Somehow I have no pictures of this event although I feel like I should have some. Maybe my bro R.A. McReynolds has some. Post them if you do!
After leaving there we headed to the bar at the Omni where I got to catch up with my good friends Will Chase and Jeff Alvarez. It was nearing the 2am hour where we were escorted out of the bar and into the lobby where we promptly continued drinking. 

Now this next part I definitely don't have pictures of because R.A. McReynolds, John Reyst, Tim Hitchcock, Elliot, and Erik Mona went to a biker bar and stirred up some trouble until a fight broke out and they got their asses back to where it was safe and calm.

As you can see in this photo here Adam Daigle, Liz Courts, myself, and Will Chase are all quietly enjoying a little bourbon while taking our Indy Rock Band Cover Shot. Cosmo is now our band manager.  
 I think I made it back to the room by 5:30am

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  1. It was nice meeting you as well Rachel. I sent a follow up email to about what we were discussing before we were so rudely interrupted by flying shards of death. :)

    -Paul Grosse