Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Setting Up for Gen Con 2013

Man I am one tired worker bee. We set up the booth for Gen Con and when I say we I mean myself, my brother Reg, and his 13 yr old son. We had to dismantle 5 pallets and load them in the U-Haul to take down to the Convention Hall. Then we had 30 minutes to unload it. So we hustled. We had 5 minutes to spare. After taking the truck back we had to go sort the boxes out. First we moved them all back out of the booth to lay the flooring then we sorted them and moved them all back in. Man am I sore! We still have to fold t-shirts and hang the banner but all the hard work is done. Enjoy our pictures and we hope to see you in person at Frog God Games booth #564 this Gen Con!

Finally a quiet night on the town. It is so weird with no one here. The calm before the storm.

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  1. Nice setup! Can I ask what all you had to provide yourselves (aside from the product, of course). I see floor mats and side tables and chairs and such. Was all that provided by the con?