Saturday, August 31, 2013

Percy Jackson

So I took the kids to see Percy Jackson at the drive in tonight. Maybe not the best choice of movie for them. The first one wasn't so scary, this one had a bit more going on with the creatures and myths. Starting the movie off with a girl dying should have been my first clue. This is the same reason my kids think there are only 4 Harry Potter movies. When things turn a little too dark, the protective gene kicks in. Luckily though, the movie ended on a positive note and I was able to explain away everything that was scary. They did love the hippocampus.

Overall I enjoyed the movie.  The first one captured me more for some reason but this one wasn't too bad. There was plenty of action and the plot continued to move forward. Some of the attitudes and mistakes the kids made were starting to wear on me in the movie but I also realize this is targeted to high schoolers so I managed to get through it. The 3 witches totally reminded me of a Harry Potter rip off with the bus screen in the 4th movie.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars. I would recommend it for the family but perhaps a bit older than 4, I am thinking better for the 7 and up age range. I am also thinking I need to have my kids watch goonies now - something about the Percy Jackson movie totally reminded me of goonies :)

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