Saturday, August 31, 2013

Percy Jackson

So I took the kids to see Percy Jackson at the drive in tonight. Maybe not the best choice of movie for them. The first one wasn't so scary, this one had a bit more going on with the creatures and myths. Starting the movie off with a girl dying should have been my first clue. This is the same reason my kids think there are only 4 Harry Potter movies. When things turn a little too dark, the protective gene kicks in. Luckily though, the movie ended on a positive note and I was able to explain away everything that was scary. They did love the hippocampus.

Overall I enjoyed the movie.  The first one captured me more for some reason but this one wasn't too bad. There was plenty of action and the plot continued to move forward. Some of the attitudes and mistakes the kids made were starting to wear on me in the movie but I also realize this is targeted to high schoolers so I managed to get through it. The 3 witches totally reminded me of a Harry Potter rip off with the bus screen in the 4th movie.

I give it 3 out of 5 stars. I would recommend it for the family but perhaps a bit older than 4, I am thinking better for the 7 and up age range. I am also thinking I need to have my kids watch goonies now - something about the Percy Jackson movie totally reminded me of goonies :)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Getting Settled In

So the girls and I had a long drive back from Gen Con. We had a blast but are exhausted. Unpacking and doing laundry sucks. Also once I got home I switched jobs so I've been busy trying to wrap up ends at Frog God Games so I can jump in head first into Legendary Games. So the next few days or week might be swamped for me. I do hope to have time soon to get back to painting some Reaper Minis and sharing the pictures on here. So stay tuned for that! Until then, here is one image of a bunch of Kobolds :)


Sunday, August 25, 2013

New Job

I am very excited to announce I took a new job with Legendary Games as their Business Director. I am very excited about this new endeavor. My decision to change companies came from a personal one. I want to thank Frog God Games for my introduction into the RPG industry. I will finish up some projects with them over the next few weeks but will remain friends with each of them!

Currently Legendary Games is owned by Publisher Jason Nelson and founded by Clark Peterson. I join them and Art Director Tim Wickham. A long list of established writers and artists also freelance for them including writers such as Clinton J. Boomer, Liz Courts, Crystal Frasier, Matt Goodall, Jim Groves, Tim Hitchcock, Jason Nelson, Neil Spicer, Todd Stewart, Russ Taylor, Greg Vaughan, and Clark Peterson. Plus artists such as: Pete Fairfax, Frank Hessefort, Jason Juta, Tim Kings-Lynne, Tanyaporn Sangsnit, Hugo Solis, and Colby Stevenson.

In the coming weeks I plan to overhaul the website, so look for that. Plus you can expect other big changes coming in the future, do I hear Kickstarter calling? You can catch us online at or on facebook. Soon we will be on G+

As for my contact info. You can reach me now at You may also choose to add me to your G+ using this new email address as opposed to my other account ( will be used primarily for scrapbooking stuff and NOT RPG stuff. You can also catch me on my blog at

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Gen Con Recap - 2013 - Sunday

Worst hangover ever! That pretty much sums up the day... ok fine I tell you what the end is like.
First I had to run an Event in the morning, hello advil! I mean I woke up still tasting Red Bull so that is never a good sign. I am so glad my twins have trained me for this moment of lack of sleep.
So my very crafty con goers created some awesome paper flowers while I nursed my water.

I then headed down to the booth to close up shop. Several friends stopped in to say hi (or really to see if I was still walking) and that made the day go by quick. We did really well for our first year having a booth.
Then I summoned my minions to come pack up the booth for me. The minute 4pm rolled around Gen Con made an annoucement that the con was over. Applause errupted like it was graduation day and then the carpet rolled up in like 10 seconds. They don't mess around. My team had the whole booth packed on pallets in 45 minutes flat. 
They are awesome! Big thanks to Gary, Jeff, Jeff, Caitlin, and Reg!
So Indianapolis, until next year, keep being the beautiful city you are but for god-sake, take a bath cause baby, you stink! See you next year!

The Gen Con Recap - 2013 - Saturday

"Saturday, in the park, I wish it was the 4th of July". Sorry that just totally popped into my head. Ooo Shiny!

So here we are. Crawling out of bed, barely to make it to the con. This was my steampunk day and sadly I have NO pictures of me. People took pictures but I have yet to see them. So if you con goers have shots of me I want to see them!
Any rate, here is Lou Agresta and John Ling hanging out in the booth. They were probably signing books and such. You know cause they did that little project called Razor Coast with a ton of people no one ever heard of. ok, ok, I kid, I kid. No seriously though Nick Logue's book is awesome and the team Lou brought on to work on it are golden. Good job boys. 
Now for a little booth fun. You want us to punch your cheese weasel card then you have to bench our books. Or the next closest thing to it. 30 seconds is a long time when you are holding out Rappan Athuk and The Slumbering Tsar Saga.
But at least we gave them a free coloring book each! So yeah I was in the booth until I wasn't. I had to sneak off to run my Steampunk Card Making Class, which was awesome. Check out these beauties... then buy my stuff!
After my class I needed some FOOD! A pretzel for the day was not doing it for me. So we headed off to St Elmo's. Below is the empty seat for Brian Berg from TPK Games. Thanks for standing us up, now the whole world knows it. LOL
So everyone says to try the shrimp cocktail. So I'm like "Sure I like shrimp and cocktails, bring it on". They tell me it's hot but I'm like "I eat Indian food and Mexican". Well the shrimp arrives (and no cocktail, J/K) and the sauce is all on top, and it is chunky with white bits in it. Interesting. 

So I being the first among Chuck and Alley try it. I take a huge bite and for a second I think I have just shot acid up my nose and down my brain stem. The eyes start to water and half my face goes numb. So yeah, those chucks were whole pieces of horseradish. After I regained feeling in my face I have to say, they were delicious. You should try them!
After dinner we headed over to Lou's party. Always the highlight of Gen Con. I got to play zombie dice and resistance with Luis, Amanda Kunz, Erik Bauer, and Mark Moreland. Then they tried to bring Chris Self in to replace me but I wasn't having it.
Here they are running D20Pro on the big screen. Mat Morton always a pleasure and now we have Matt with two Ts :)
 Elliot and Cosmo below. I have no idea what they are playing...
As things progressed through the night we got to hang with several friends. It was nice seeing Chris Pramas and Nick Logue even out. Some how we thought it would be a good idea to head over to another party (ok, ok I believe it was my idea) and we ended up following Tim Hitchcock (NOT my idea) to the Wild Beaver. Now it looks so innocent during the day, not so much at night. After 5 Rofies (a shot made with red bull) we staggered out of there at 3 or 4 in the morning. The dollar has a story but it is one better saved for another day and well, the video. Bwahahaha. Thank Erik!

We finished the evening out at Steak n Shake where the cops were hanging out cause apparently things get crazy there at 5am, who knew. That was our clue to hit the sack.

The Gen Con Recap - 2013 - Friday

Friday morning started with a blur. The late nights have already started taking its toll on me by this point, and never mind the drinking...
So Friday was my pirate day, Arrrrr! The first thing I did in the morning was swing by Author's Row and find Chris A. Jackson. The man had a pirate book for me, The Pirate's Honor (go get it now, yes shameless plug!) But I also got this awesome picture with him too!
Speaking of pictures, here is one with John Reyst, creator of
 But I wasn't the only Pirate roaming the halls...
In fact check out this awesome custom Liz Courts was sporting later that night when we were drinking.
So, before I get to ahead of myself, let me back up. Some of you may not know this, but I also teach Steampunk Scrapbooking classes to gamer spouses. So Friday afternoon I snuck off to do that. Here is the layout we did. You know you love it and want to buy my stuff now!

Now back to the drinking. I know I ate a late lunch from The Ram which was delicious, so I want to say we skipped eating and headed right out for the Ennies. I had a fantastic time catching up with Shelly & Wolfgang Bauer, Owen Stephens, Steve Russell, and many more. I got to meet a few new faces like John Arcadian from Gnome Stew and Paul Grosse from PCGen. If it wasn't for the shards of glass John flung at us I wouldn't have met either of them. We are a wild and crazy bunch. You can check out all the winners here.
The Karaoke though was just amazing! Rone Barton sang with the girls from The D20 Girls Project in their version of "I'll Spock the World and Meld with You". Stan did a terrific job with Sweet Transvestite. You can view the video here. 
After the Ennies I headed off to the Westin for the Kickstarter Party with Luke Crane in Peter Adkison's room. This is like a where's waldo picture right here... can you find me, Luke, and Peter. If you can then message me!
Since we hadn't eaten yet we (as in R.A McReynolds, John Reyst, and myself) headed off to Scotty's where we met up with the folks from Paizo. I do have to say they have the worst lemon drops ever, don't believe me, ask Erik Mona about the one he choked down. Lol. Somehow I have no pictures of this event although I feel like I should have some. Maybe my bro R.A. McReynolds has some. Post them if you do!
After leaving there we headed to the bar at the Omni where I got to catch up with my good friends Will Chase and Jeff Alvarez. It was nearing the 2am hour where we were escorted out of the bar and into the lobby where we promptly continued drinking. 

Now this next part I definitely don't have pictures of because R.A. McReynolds, John Reyst, Tim Hitchcock, Elliot, and Erik Mona went to a biker bar and stirred up some trouble until a fight broke out and they got their asses back to where it was safe and calm.

As you can see in this photo here Adam Daigle, Liz Courts, myself, and Will Chase are all quietly enjoying a little bourbon while taking our Indy Rock Band Cover Shot. Cosmo is now our band manager.  
 I think I made it back to the room by 5:30am

The Gen Con Recap - 2013 - Thursday

And so the first official day begins. The crowds surrounding the door was apparently massive. I got to sneak in early through the side door as an exhibitor. It was a pleasure meeting with the VIGs too. I loved putting a face to a name, especially some of the online folks from the boards. Working the booth went by surprisingly fast! Tom Knauss was there most of the day with me. He was amazing and I want to hire him every year!

Because I spent most of the day in the booth or meeting with people I have little images to show for this day. However, my evening did get better. First I enjoyed a belated birthday shake with Neil Spicer and after a while of us talking we headed over to dinner with a few friends. 

You might recognize a name or two. Here we are playing Werewolf: Erik Frankhouse, Erik Bauer, Brandon Hodge, Tom Knauss, Adam Daigle, Liz Courts, Rone Barton, Naomi Tripi, Jen Page, Louis Agresta, John Ling Jr, Little Lings and Sue Ling, Neil Spicer, Owen Stephens, Tim Hitchcock, Wes Schneider, Jason Bulmahn and Erik Mona. Later Stan! dropped in and Owen got to entertain us.
One of the best parts was about half way through the fire alarm went off and we all had to evacuate. Rone took his food with him. So there he was eating pasta on the streets of Indy.

The werewolves managed to get a fair number of us, Owen, Lou, and I were among the first. But I, being the Tanner, won. Arrrrrr!
Since I failed to post this image for Wednesday's recap, you get it here instead. Isn't it a great look for me. This was waiting in line for the tapping. 
Check out the van with the taps right on the side of the van too. Now that's what I want to take to a party!

The Gen Con Recap - 2013 - Wednesday

Every year I say I'm going to do a nightly recap of events so I don't forget and each night I roll in at 5am and the whole thing gets blown out of the water. So let's see if I can piece this together. 
Wednesday we finished setting up the booth and met with friends. Lunch was inevitible, so we had lunch at Dick's Last Resort and our Waitress was very cool. A gamer and comic book fan she had us rolling with the lovely hats she made us. 
I finished a few more things up at the booth after lunch (you know like adding price tags) then headed out to the Beer Tapping. 

After enjoying a slightly bitter amber we made our way to the Stink where Skeeter was able to win a dice tossing contest and got this amazing swag bag of goodies. We are got our free stink dice though so that was cool. 
Here Skeeter is with the D20 creator. I'm jealous of his giant die.
Later that evening we grabbed food at Noodles and Company where I was given the best Magic Card ever! When tapped it produces 1 desert for free. Unlimited refills on it too. Amazing!! Noodles & Company really did it up this year with the Tardis door, goblin windows, zombie signs, magic cards, and more. So cool to nerd out and eat yummy food.
After Dinner we made it to the 15th floor of the Westin where we enjoyed a nice boardgame of Castle Ravenloft. Oh yeah as usual my rogue saved the day.

Returning back to my hotel room in the middle of the night my belly as usual demanded food. I had my left over noodles but no fork. The pencils from Frog God Games made for amazing chopsticks although every once in a while I got a little graphite taste.
The end of a great day with friends, food, and being nerdy. Yay!